Indosiar Live streaming Tv Online

Indosiar Live Streaming Online Tv Indonesian national television, which always brings the movie - Korean drama. Television operating in Jakarta, in Daan area.

originally established by PT. Prima Visualindo through PT. Indosiar Karya Media Tbk. This TV Online was launched around the year began January 11, 1995, by the Crown Eagle technology company (through Indosiar Karya Media) with the slogan is for you.


Indosiar Live Streaming Tv Online

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In 2011, the national television is replacing the logo, by reason of a controversy because of the previous logo used on the left of the screen tube TV tubes allegedly damaging a TV screen at the time. Welcome to the show of Indosiar Live Streaming Online Tv. Now the year is now successfully acquire Indosiar television broadcasting rights to UEFA Champions League season 2012-2013 to 2014-2015 with SCTV.